Kaplan University

Can you handle it both mentally and physically? Fortunately, my daughter is grown, so I only treat. I tried to go to a traditional school, but my work schedule prevented me from making that decision, and I thought my dreams of becoming a paralegal was out the window. As I grew in my life I realized that dreams come true when you are persistent, and forfeiting the devil or anyone bent on taking away their dreams. I enrolled in a school, excited that finally I will get the level paralegal, I have been waiting a very long time. I started to record, then guidance, but an obstacle blocked me so far, I could see the moving van.

I could not attend. The obstacle consisted of my work schedule. I had no co-workers to change hours of me, or that I cared nothing about my dreams, so I ended up delaying my dream school again. I was very sad, defeated, and lost. This is not fair at all. But with modern technology in the 21st century, anything and everything is possible. With the element of the Internet, all dreams come to the surface, and will become a reality in the making. I was still going to be able to master that paralegal degree because hell or high water would not interfere anymore in my goals. I was introduced to online education last year. Never thought it would be possible to overcome, but I was searching the Internet a days and by chance happened to me in a school called Kaplan University.