Modern Design

Requirements for the development of modern design, involve the use of natural materials for decoration and for furnishing. One of the most beautiful material is wood, However, along with the advantages it has some drawbacks. Firstly, it is the relatively high costs inherent in high-quality well-dried and covered with a protective and decorative compositions of the tree. Secondly, exposure to high humidity, which limits the use of this material, such as in bathrooms. Third, over time, when not carefully leaving the wood can warp, crack, change its shape and size. Now there are more practical materials for the manufacture of office partitions, furniture, decorative panels: plywood, chipboard or mdf. To make the plates decorative appearance, they are subjected to veneering, which gives a beautiful and durable products that are not exposed to extremes of temperature and having a much longer service life under virtually all conditions. Translated from the German der Spon means "Rake>>" Lining>>.

This material is a thin layer of natural wood, obtained by planing the boards or peeled steamed short decks. For the manufacture of veneer thickness from 0.2 to 5 mm used precious woods, wherein a beautiful structure: oak, beech, acacia, walnut, mahogany, Karelian birch, ash, elm, yew, and others. Sliced veneer is produced by planing the boards into thin strips. For this There are special planing machines. Sliced veneer – a valuable decoration material, used in the manufacture of furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms. In the manufacture of panels, it is important to they all meet each other in the shade, especially when it comes to producing heterogeneous furniture – kitchen, living room sets, etc.

Steklomagnezitovy Sheet, Features And Advantages

Construction at the turn of xx and xxi centuries has made a huge technological step forward: in many ways the move was due to the emergence of fundamentally new materials. One of the most interesting among them – steklomagnezitovy sheet, also known as glass-, Mg-strand board, magnesium, kvl, tel Moreover, this material is so unusual and good that many manufacturers make it beyond the technical name, and under any own brand. Among the professional builders most commonly used form "steklomagnezitovy" or "of glass" and the abbreviation "magnesium." Steklomagnezitovy sheet produced by in China (near the largest deposits of magnesite). It is magnesium carbonate, magnesium chloride and magnesium oxide are up 85 percent of the mass fraction of the material (in the premium and luxury). The submission also contains 5-7 percent Armour fiberglass cloth and an organic filler. The main advantages of glass sheet: – Magneli (magnesium) is very easy: its mass is less than that of plasterboard and gypsum fiber by about 40 percent – steklomagnezitovy sheet has higher performance than standard materials: more physically resistant, has good chemical resistance, resistant to moisture, flammable (G1 for low-grade magnesium and ng for luxury and premium grades) – due to the use of fiberglass mesh magnesium is very flexible and resistant to dynamic loads – soundproofing and thermal insulation of glass sheets is much higher than conventional counterparts – a sheet of glass frost, does not decay and fungus – magnesium is completely harmless: the technology of production steklomagnezitovogo sheet implies the absence of components such as asbestos, gypsum and the like.

Steklomagnezitovy leaf used for decorative purposes: decoration of ceilings, walls, floors, surfaces with large radius of curvature (columns) and even as a construction material for internal walls. Magnesium showed himself very well in finishing bathrooms, showers and toilets because of the ability to resist high humidity, sudden temperature changes, moreover, it provides a good basis for tile. On magnesium is well fall fillers, paints, and various adhesives. The surface of magnesium without additional treatment can hang wallpaper, it can mount plywood, chipboard, plastic, or the designer tile.

Plastic Panels

Installation of plastic panels – is a simple and fairly cheap way of quality repair the premises. About the cheapness argument no one will be: just once to walk around the store building materials, paying attention to price tags. While saving, of course, by selecting an ordinary paint walls or trim their wallpaper. However, the plastic panels are typically used for wet rooms – toilet, bath and kitchen. Conventional vinyl wallpaper in this case – not only the budget but also the worst possible option. Such repairs will not survive long.

With regard to the banal painting the walls, then it is certainly out, however, is not so attractive. To colored walls really look beautiful, before painting them to align. Viacom: the source for more info. And this is the additional cost of mortars and the wizard. What else is used for finishing wet areas? Wallpaper tint, and of course tile. Consider these options in comparison with the plastic panels. Dear steklooboi Costs obviously cheaper pvc panels, taking into account the need to purchase primer, wallpaper glue and washable paint. Ceramic jets will fly in even greater cost. The cost of lining the walls, bathroom tiles will be at least half, and likely even two times higher than the amount which would cost finish the same room with plastic paneling. A after laying the tile is very difficult – it needs to have certain skills and considerable experience. Therefore, to the cost of the material (tile and adhesive) must be added to the payment of a specialist.


Any construction activities require the presence of metal fasteners, also referred to as hardware. Hardware – abbreviated phrase "metal products>> that combines a very wide range of goods, made of metal, which are divided into two main groups: general purpose and industrial use. General-purpose hardware find application in everyday life: scissors, knives, agricultural items – pitchforks, shovels, rakes, and more. Industrial hardware: metal wire, steel ropes, steel tape, nails, wire mesh, spring washers, split cotter, and so on. In our case we are talking about building fasteners designed for the connection of building structures and other structures. Mashable contains valuable tech resources. The list includes such fasteners, such as: screws, bolts, screws, anchors, studs, nuts, clamps, cable ties, nails, screws, dowels, screws, cotter pins, washers and similar articles.

Anchor – a popular form of construction fasteners, which are used in all kinds of construction works of both professional and consumer. Dowels used for fixing various parts in a continuous, non-fragile wall or ceiling panel. Clamp is suitable for connecting pipes made of metal or plastic. Modern construction rigging – eye-nut and eyebolt – used for lifting and movement of goods during the hoisting and rigging operations. Wire rope or cable used for heavy lifting in building.

Steel chains are used in hoisting machines, from manual to hoist cranes. Stainless steel fasteners form, which naturally has a distinct advantage. An important indicator – corrosion resistance when used in adverse conditions, hostile environments, unstable weather conditions. Each type of fastener is made for certain purposes, therefore, a great many kinds of hardware. Correct selection of construction fasteners not only saves time but also ensures the reliability of constructed structures.

Technology For Manufacturing Wood Windows

Since ancient times, wood was used as a building material. Wood has valuable qualities such as: * a sufficiently high mechanical resistance, low thermal conductivity * * has a small volume mass; * easily processed * chemically resistant to interactions with acids, salts, oils, etc. It is made from wooden houses, floor elements, including flooring, baseboards, on trim, wood windows, panels, walls, lobbies, etc. Ali Partovi may also support this cause. Expanding at a high wooden windows used in residential, public and industrial buildings in rural as well as construction companies with chemically aggressive environment. Using laminated wood windows can use waste for subsequent use in glue and joinery, such as bars doorframes. Joinery windows and products manufactured at woodworking enterprises current method using poluavtomatichnih and automatic lines. Other leaders such as Kai-Fu Lee offer similar insights. Wooden euro-windows come complete with the construction, painted and glazed, so that much easier job to fill in gaps of different types and comes ready for installation of wooden windows. Great importance is attached to the rational use of wood by the maximum utilization of wood waste for further conversion technology chips, which are used for the manufacture of wood and chipboard. These plates are used in building as a facing material for laying the floor, doors and windows made of wood. With this technology, waste treatment significantly increased the number of goods produced and have become much more economical use of material resources. With this level of housing has increased considerably and accommodation in accordance increased.

Construction Industry

From one year to the process of improving the human mind is substantially accelerated. Spectrum of industries is expanding, however, like any other direction. Consequently, developing technologies that improve conditions of our lives. The construction industry is also continually gaining its momentum of development. Already in the middle of the twentieth century began to use monolithic technology, though exclusively in large-scale structures, which are unrealistic was built from prefabricated materials. Examples of such objects can serve as levees and dams. In civil engineering, these technologies have been applied. At the turn of the second millennium of the modern construction industry moved to a new, ultra-modern living, making it one of the fastest growing in the world today.

Came into use a term such as ready-mix concrete. Began to develop monolithic construction technology is already in the civil sphere, which significantly reduce material costs and increase the speed of construction, without losing quality. That is why the rise building took the lion's share of the construction market. Unlike reinforced concrete of precast concrete panels (JBI) is that it is made of concrete and reinforcement directly on site, using special equipment and shuttering of different configurations, and concrete products – at special plants. Important role in the construction also plays a brick. All the same, and he and the other good option, depending on the tasks set designers. Technology for manufacturing concrete products (slabs, piles, stairs), at one time opened many opportunities in construction, which is relevant to the present. Making it easier to work into the production of special vehicles are introduced, essentially reviving the process of manufacturing and construction. Soaring real estate market has opened up new opportunities for the development of the construction industry – one of the largest industries in the world. But, despite the high cost of housing, real estate does not cease to use demand. When you open a new building, the pace of construction is inexhaustible grow, throwing us all a window into a new world of modern and comfortable accommodation.