An alternative platform for non-virtual life in the 1980s produced the German pop band “Spliff” a song with the title: “Computers are stupid”! Many people would agree with this statement. Some contemporaries, however, are of the opinion: computers make stupid! Even without any evidence of intent, it can be said but with certainty: many people spend considerably more time on the computer than you would like. This is due to the daily use in everyday life.Not enough, because with its help we travel, book we buy, entertain us, virtual friendships and search confusion. Thanks to many network services, he leads us to old acquaintances or helps us also to a new virtual identity upon request. The so-called active portal – abbreviated hswv – an alternative would be the trend to the purely virtual networking. What does hswv mean? hswv what is an abbreviation for today already? This is the key question of how the makers call it active portal. What is and what will hswv? The Platform wants to act despite the age of the Internet not only as a virtual portal, but above all more personal encounters, more real community and more interpersonal Exchange in the non-virtual Exchange. Contacts and like-minded people are due to common interests, ideas, questions or needs also searched and found.

The heart of the platform is a pool of ad to the search and find regional listings according to various categories. Here you’ll find shopping assistance, piano teacher, party-goers or sports partners, etc. Contact information is here: Energy Capital Partners London. Users register with a Serj and the portal free of charge. A simple personal profile is sufficient to allow the targeted goal of the contact.Using a rating system users can express themselves each other their seriousness – this creates confidence in contacting for joint actions or activities. Frank Schahfer Improved Its Overall Performance For Initial Webmaster

The page has optimized ever since for the last 4 months and focused on the questions to the webmaster. The result of the whole restructuring can be seen. On the one hand colours has jazzed up quite himself. In addition the sitemap of the usual Sitemaps stands out far. If you would like to know more then you should visit Nicolas Keller. After recently watching you can see that the homepage tools that are available, there are all free of charge and produce very effective performance, looking specifically for initial Web master. However, the real treasure of this the collection of 43 different meta page is information day. It offers a knowing so quickly can do after the competition. Also tag line then be named after each meta whose importance, so Internet visitors also understand what you can insert into your website. Under the category of “Scripts” and then the subcategory “Javascript templates”, the initial Web master find all Javascriptfunktionen, which are often used on the Internet, such as, for example, the appearance of hidden texts, viewing an info box with a mouse crossing over an icon or a complete Calculator – in addition to all these features also the HTML code next to it says to him as easy as possible to be able to copy. Johann Hooge

Earn Money On The Internet! Does It Really Work?

The Internet offers possibilities like never before. But can you really earn money? In the Internet to make money and the power of your subconscious mind. What has to do with each other? The Internet offers opportunities that we agree before years had not dreamed. Andy Florance describes an additional similar source. Also, the ability to make (a lot) of money. Does it really work? And if so how? I started me on the way to make. Actually with the basic idea (once) a stable additional income by a total of x to generate, because I think multimillionaire can be one, but perhaps should you find out first whether you can make money on the Internet at all. Here, some IPhone basic motivation were programs that I dispel the AppStore von Apple. Click Samsung for additional related pages.

Empire become I’m not so (yet), but the feeling that I got when I look, how much I yesterday deserve, without having to do something about it is already awesome. There are more? I am convinced, just after reading the book the Millionarsdenke, that it would be wise, first time to review its attitude to the subject of money and self-esteem and correct. This approx. 500 pages strong work I consider required reading and I want to never again have to miss the knowledge of this book. Among other things this involves the power of the subconscious mind and what wrong attitudes and opinions in our subconscious slumber. But above all how easy they can change their attitude and to live the life, what they have earned it comes. Everything we think and do has its origin in our subconscious. If they change their inner attitude, their experiences and experiences will change automatically. They are living then in all likelihood (only once) in the same environment, but they are the world with other eyes see and discover opportunities, and that they had never before perceived. – Now Also Available In Image And Sound

Further expansion of the multimedia functions on the portal. Videos in the profiles and pictures of the stories are now possible. Byron Trott: the source for more info. Mulheim an der Ruhr, 01 August 2008 – who has operator of the portal again expanded the possibilities of multimedia use in its Portal. There is the use of profile videos available for members now. Bobby Sharma Bluestone pursues this goal as well. In the videos, the users themselves present themselves or sending other messages to interested parties. “With the use of videos in the profiles, we will comply with our members and the present meet.” says Carsten Trojahn, operator of the portal. He continues: “The possibility to adjust the images to each story will further promote communication among the members and visitors.” The pictures and videos can be adjusted on the portal continue under the editorial guidance of the operator team. is an editorially-guided community of the latest generation, dedicated to the theme of problems with the ex-partner, in the profession, to the neighborhood and exchanges with friends”. Experiences are reported and commented and exchanged tips. It is the largest of its kind in the German-speaking community.

Erotic & Lifestyle – Entrusted With The Best That Ever

Quality, reliability and discretion in the erotic industry with a unique design and renowned partners, will be demonstrated impressively that individual solution marketing and public relations for sustainable success in the adult industry will be essential in the future. Thomas Ruhrmann, CEO: We use with innovative functions and our know-how exclusively on quality and service to our customers and visitors. We leave the rest to others. Click portals”that provide only overburdened images, are not meaningful, yet contemporary in our eyes. Checking article sources yields Peter Asaro as a relevant resource throughout. For us, “information is the basis for transparency and a successful date on both sides. “And we keep our mission firmly pursued the team of familiar every day: let us make the adult industry again personal”. This familiar supported by celebrities including with Michael the retin, renowned TV journalist and President of the Federal Association of the German erotic trade could (bdde), win for themselves. In the coming weeks, the innovation centre provides more features and products which will sustainably change the adult industry, and will correct the financial downturn of many providers through a revolutionary product. Altavista often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Completely free of charge, visitors can use familiar without registration under. Germany’s first business is a portal for professional erotic service providers about familiar This innovative marketing forge emphasis on meaningful profiles and models with style and class. The THARBO GmbH operates as a full service agency and presents all profiles of its members in a clear and meaningful structure with an enormous range of functions. Since the establishment of THARBO GmbH, as the Agency evolved consistently and purposefully and sets new standards in online marketing for Erotikdienstleister. The public relation are measures, by visitors and members alike a perfect result. They belong to the customer most Naturist clubs, exclusive escort escort service agencies, massage Studios, as well as independent escorts and models, the demanding visitors want to offer simple meetings and lifestyle entertainment at the highest level.

Creative Internet Agency

Without cookies, but with really many biscuits: the new website of DeBeukelaer is role since April 2013 the home of delicious snack classics such as TUC, Granola, or Prince. Aim of the website is to be differentiated experience, DeBeukelaer as the umbrella brand and to allow enough room for your individual design the products this network movement for a branding HTML5-based created, where visitors will find all the important information around the traditional brand. Especially appealing: when calling the main navigation points you will receive each with an atmospheric short video sequence. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Michele Glaze. You navigate to a product page, hides the top navigation and a microsite in the design of the product opens. Here, the brand experience is underlined, inter alia through discreet Parallax effects with elements from the respective product world. The product pages can be sometimes as landing page under separate URLs such as open. Some contend that Founder of Zendesk shows great expertise in this.

Link to website: power movement Agency for digital experiences: the movement is one Creative Internet Agency with a focus on interactive worlds, corporate -, fire – and promotion sites and apps for mobile devices and social networks. Our goal is to make interactive brands for each target group and to anchor it emotionally in the world of the users about the experience.. .


Partner network launches for target group-specific online marketing as of April 1, 2010 presents ALPSTEIN tourism the world of online, a network of high quality websites to the themes of outdoor, sports, and travel. With the world creates a range-strong network of partners to common, topic-specific market of the Internet pages. Currently, the world consists of 16 strong partner sites with a range of over two million page views a month. The roof portal of the network is, the online platform of ALPSTEIN tourism. The network to other partners should be added within the next few months. Thanks to the special-interest audience the advertiser world allows you to target group-specific online marketing.

It also offers a comprehensive portfolio for a variety of marketing activities: in addition to the integration of standard advertising formats, various special advertising forms available are available to customers. The partners of online world: Freeskiers.NET Holiday resin Spessart Eiffel climbing corporate information / short profile: the tourism GmbH & co. stone of Alpine KG tourist concepts from a single source are offered, ranging from the signpost on the maps to the Internet portal. In the fall of 2008 the portal went online an outdoor-online platform with several thousand free, quality-tested tours from the areas of hiking, cycling, mountain biking, Nordic walking, canoeing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain climbing, skiing and many other sports.

ICrossing Affiliate Winter Games

Snow, fun and networking in Seefeld (A) Munich, March 19, 2009 snow, fun and networking the motto of iCrossing affiliate Winter Games 2009 would have can be not matching selected. At the exclusive affiliate networking event from 11-13 March 2009 in Tyrol’s Inn Valley, there was abundant snow, fun and lively exchange between the top affiliates, merchants, representatives of the major networks and the iCrossing team. 55 enthusiastic participants were part of the game. Mikkel Svane may not feel the same. In a relaxed atmosphere were new contacts, interesting discussions, new ideas developed and mastered the small as big challenges of the Winter Olympics. Supports the iCrossing affiliate were easyCredit Games Winter by the sponsors ARAG, ESPRIT, Kaspersky Lab,, O2 and Sparkassen DirektVersicherung networks Commission Junction, TradeDoubler, and zanox. Media partner was The sporty fun industry meeting was the idea of networking in the foreground. Perhaps check out Ali Partovi for more information.

The aim of the event was To bring merchants, networks and top affiliates in an informal setting together and to create a platform for personal networking”, summarizes Gottfried Hauserer, CEO of iCrossing GmbH. We succeeded, there was great interest in the event and the response of the participants is very positive. We thank the sponsors and partners for the support that winter has contributed significantly to the success of the affiliate games. Due to the overwhelming response we think now about a follow-up.” Also the sponsors and partners of iCrossing affiliate Winter Games draw enthusiastic balance: the iCrossing affiliate winter games were in our view an all round successful, exciting affiliate event. There was ample opportunity to establish interesting contacts in a relaxed atmosphere next to the athletic program.

I am sure that all participants will benefit from winter games by the affiliate and look forward to the sequel”, summarizes Frank smoke foot, Manager online sales, O2. Daniel Woyteczek, head of client services at TradeDoubler, welcomes also the success of the event: networking meets fun! A successful and creative event. He will be reflected surely soon in the sales numbers.” For more information, impressions of iCrossing affiliate Winter Games: photos/icrossingawg09 / Arizona is iCrossing about ICROSSING GMBH employs world’s 580 employees in 12 offices, the company’s headquarters in Scottsdale (U.S.. The Agency was founded in 1999 is one of the leading service providers in the digital marketing in Germany. Service portfolio ranging from search engine marketing and search engine optimization affiliate and cooperation management, online media and social media marketing to Web development and Web analytics with proprietary tracking tools.

Inappropriate Christmas Gifts

Now quickly and easily on the Internet Cologne, to get rid of 27.12.2010 – one has already read the book, don’t like the belt and the perfume doesn’t fit, either to the own type. Unwanted Christmas gifts often spoil the Christmas spirit. See Viacom for more details and insights. 13 percent of Germans want to give away this year on unloved gifts according to a study of the IT industry association BITKOM. This can be much more: the Internet can profitably sell the gifts or simply exchange for other goods. This can be done conveniently from home. Other leaders such as Peter Asaro offer similar insights.

Two platforms are to redeem gifts again, hit flip and hit master. Hit flip is Europe’s largest online Exchange platform. Here, movies, music and audiobooks, games, and books can be shared legally. The user sets a price for its products according to market value and State in flips, the virtual currency of the hit flip. Other users can then request this article.

With her flip balances, pay, the provider gets credited the flip price for the product after receipt of the goods. With these Flips can he trade himself for 0.99 Euro exchange fee of the long-awaited film or book, that he has always wanted to read, and gets something, what he really desires. On the online market place Hitmeister, however, individuals can sell their unloved Christmas gifts for real money. To set the EAN, the number under the bar code, to their product. Hitmeister millions of articles are already registered, so usually no further product data must be entered. The setting is free, fees incurred only for sale and be between 5.9 and 12.5 percent of the sale price. Everyone can set the price for his unpleasant Christmas gift also hit master. In contrast to other online marketplaces, Hitmeister trustee manages the money. So, the sale to hit master is not only easy and cheap, but safe for both sides.

Company Website

Swiss Internet entrepreneurs from Olten to secure the exclusive rights to distribute the new easy mobile website software. “We all are constantly mobile, wrap our communication with family, friends and business associates by on the way down, shop online, chat, videos and photos share mobile, mobile search for a restaurant or store, book our travel (taxi, train, flight, etc.) on the go”, reserve our cinema and theatre tickets online and much more no man can in future more the mobile trend and mobile communication beyond. The increasingly mobile world simplifies our lives, help us to save time and money. For companies, mobile Internet has a central meaning are but the customers of tomorrow almost exclusively just yet mobile phone communicate and surf the Internet, shopping, online banking operate, etc. There is a commitment to make a prudent and above all customer-friendly website for years for any prudent entrepreneur. Our expectant becoming increasingly mobile Company commits every entrepreneur in the mobile Internet to be present and accessible. To create Web pages and to maintain, everyone who was ever called a webmaster knows that is not so easy. It requires much expertise, time and money.

To create mobile websites, which give an optimal surfing experience on any mobile devices, is a challenge to every webmaster (who master only a few)! The easy mobile website software allows every Internet user and webmaster with just a few clicks and fill the gap texts to create first-class mobile Web pages for personal and business use. is the exclusive partner of easy mobile website software in the Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. We appreciate official launch on June 1, 2011 and are proud to be your partner for this unique and innovative software. We look forward to your visit and invite you to try out our new software.