Musical Expressions

A historical sketch concerning the expression of music sacra For Suelayne. the Andrade, graduated History for the UFS. This article presents an sketch concerning the history of music sacra using itself of texts that deal with the paper of music in the primitive Christian community and its evolution in the history of the church, leading in consideration the importance of such art in the Christian cults. The objective is to display to the reader one brief rank on music sacra from a historical point of view. It is necessary to point out that here it does not have an exhaustion of the sources and theories that are necessary to understand the ways covered in the history of music and the religiosidade, but, displaying the aspects of cultural history, in the search of the knowledge on the significao of music in the religious tradition. The presence of music in the religious activities is portraied in some Biblical texts (II Samuel 6:5, Mateus 26:30, I Timteo 1:17,3 – 16, Isaiah 6:3, etc.) since the Old Will until the first Christian communities, music always was related the party, and this in its religious direction also has its celebrativa form in homage to the Creative and Triumphant God. The spirit of the musicalidade exaltado in the human being possesss the characteristic to express the feelings and desires of the soul human being, being led to perscrutar the ways of its interior being approached the being of the divine things. However, before walking for the history of music sacra it is necessary to understand it from its concept, in such a way arduous task one, since certain complexity exists. However, defining it ' ' in a more restricted direction Jewish-Christian can be appraised as the proper erudite music of the religious tradition and in felt ampler he is used as synonymous of religious music, that is music in the cults of any traditions religiosas.' ' A historical briefing the Christian church absorbed elements and musical characteristics of the entire world, the measure that went if spreading for the different societies. For assistance, try visiting isearch.

Mestrado Technologies

For this, denovas is necessary to tambmintegrar the professor as point important of the process to endow the schools technologies. Teaching it utiliz-lasde to it independent way and to motivate to use and to adhere it them the new proposals, hindering that the computer is seen as a villain, who occupies the doprofessor paper and deviates the investments in the education. Soon, it is intended to create umimpacto with insertion of the new technologies in the daily pertaining to school, being involved opapel reserved of the professor, the pupils, the resume and the metodologiasutilizadas ones so that the insertion of the computer can be made in useful way eclara, allowing to the improvement it learning. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from altavista. We perceive then that for melhoraproveitamento of the computer in the pertaining to school didactics a greater is necessary integraodas new technologies in all the pertaining to school spaces, beyond the preparation dosprofessores, supplying they a critical vision in relation to the use of programase computers, allowing a more creative work. This will be able to take to the construction deum new didactic system, come back toward bigger autonomy and initiative of the pupils. Leaving of it are not the professor, this assumes the role of main link naapropriao of the technologies in the pertaining to school space. CONCLUSION the computer cannot serconsiderado plus a pedagogical tool, therefore the result of its utilizaovai beyond the reached results to leave, for example, of videocassete and doretroprojetor. Soon, it is necessary not to assign a reduced paper, that nopermita its complete use. Whenever neil cole iconix listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Exactly thus, he is valid to remember queo computer is incapable to teach and to construct knowledge by itself. Its merapresena does not guarantee the improvement of the learning. The action continuacompletamente basic human being, also to guarantee a good interaction with asnovas technologies. The focus of all the work seriaassim the quarrel and formation of strategies for the usodos available resources in the computer and dainternet, search of the best learning, for the pupils, of the curricular diferentescontedos.