Recover Excel

Microsoft Excel 2010 protects stored as Excel data against unauthorized access by allowing user to set different kinds of passwords, so previous versions. The setting passwords can either completely block opening workbook, or prohibit modification to Excel/worksheet. But if password to open Excel 2010 is forgotten, you are not able to reset it to a known one as in Excel 2003, and have to recover Excel 2010 password. For this purpose, some Excel 2010 password recovery tools are designed for those who have lost Excel 2010 password. Do Part one: How to create open password to protect Excel 2010 file? Method 1: Through Info Option 1. Click File in the menu bar > Info > Protect Workbook > Encrypt with Password. 2.

Input a password and confirm it. Then you will see that the Permissions next to Protect Workbook changes to A password is required to open this workbook. 3 Save Excel 2010 file. Method 2 Through Save as Option 1. Click File in the menu bar, choose Save As.

2 In the pop up Save As dialog, click Tools at the bottom, and select General Options. 3. In the opened General Options dialog box, enter a password in the Password to open box. 4. Re-enter the password to confirm, and then click OK. 5. Save the workbook. Part two: How to clear password protection for an Excel spreadsheet? 1. Use the password to open the spreadsheet. (Note: If you forgot or lost Excel password, you have to recover password with MS Excel password recovery tool.) 2 Click File in the menu bar > Info > Protect Workbook > Encrypt with Password. 3 Remove the filled in Password password to open box, and then click OK. 4 Save the spreadsheet. You can follow the similar steps to change password as well. Part three: How to recover Excel 2010 password with Excel Password Unlocker Excel Password Unlocker is a popular Excel password recovery tool that can recover Excel open password from Excel 97 to Excel 2010, and allows you to easily speed up Excel 2010 password recovery by making full use of GPU and CPU. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to recover Excel 2010 password. Step 1: Download Excel Password Unlocker and install it. Step 2: Click Open and select the file you need. Step 3: Choose an attack type. Step 4: Attack settings. Step 5: Click Start on the taskbar to recover Excel 2010 password.