Petersburg Valery Ilyushkina

Valery was born June 18, 1939 in the town of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region. 40 years ago, graduated from the Leningrad Higher Art and Industrial School. VI Fly. Since 1972, she teaches activities. Since 1998, a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. What is he, Petersburg Valery Ilyushkina? This is a warm and joyous city, rich in bright clean colors. There are no dull St.

Petersburg "greyness". On the contrary, much of the sun and in the southern blue sky. Landscapes almost deserted: only some of them "animated" small figures. Despite this, in St. Petersburg on the canvases of the artist is amazingly friendly, proportionate to the person.

This is not a modern metropolis living in a mad rhythm, and cozy town whose life takes a measured and degrees. All is full of harmony and tranquility, colored with bright colors of life. On examination master paintings have a feeling the same style, a kind of "handwriting" of the artist: decorative, bright colors, the lack of detail, substantial "weight" of the form. Valery – a true artist. Color in His canvases clearly dominates the other painting. It seems that the artist perceives the world primarily through color. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. Very interesting sketches for paintings. It is these quick sketches by looking at the world through the eyes of an artist: to see a slushy winter Petersburg pink and pale shades of salad or enjoy the sunlight playing on the wall high-rises. Probably, many passed by Avtovo circus without paying much attention to his dusty tent. And, suddenly, in his study of Valery Ilyushkina he appears unexpectedly meaningful and attractive. In the artist's works are beautiful not only picturesque corners of the historic center St. Petersburg, but also ordinary buildings "sleeping" areas. In addition to landscapes, still lifes, Valery Ilyushkin writes. They are made so juicy and "delicious", it becomes clear that, with what pleasure the artist wrote them. Especially I want to note filled with joy and spring mood, "Still Life with Tulips" and "etching machine," which could easily be called "Portrait of etching machine," so it looks inspired by picture.

EUROLITE Superstrobe

In result you need only prvesti mains to each device, and all of your light set will include a common breaker switch (set of machine-breakers). Typically, such ‘instrumental Park’ can be purchased at low prices – China’s production of devices of this kind to date, provides quite a demand for them. Even such leading manufacturers of lighting equipment like Martin Professional A / S (Denmark) considered it possible for her open China’s production budget line disco-home devices that can be controlled by a standard sound. And instruments with Acme logo initially relied on a similar type of product, only later hand-in-class production of high-power devices moving heads. If you decide on the subject devices, the range of our store in this case, you should look at the devices to stop Martin Pro Series ‘Mania’, should be fine instruments Wing, Z-50, all LED FX series of family EUROLITE. So much for ‘snogsshibaniya’ dancing audience, of course, you should buy the strobe, or even two, as long as they controlled most easily with an analog console.

For these purposes, we recommend EUROLITE Superstrobe 2700 Series with remote control CH (from one to eight channels – the number of strobe lighting). Flash control can be trusted with the same DJ who will manage the process without any special preparation. Light, who works in a semi- mode, implies a programmable controller that receives a signal of ‘air’ (microphone) or the audio line-out with remote control, or a digital protocol (time code, for example). And, thus activating way music program, it in turn to a wire line (typically, DMX-Protocol) devices operates in accordance with a pre-prescribed programs on it. In this case, your choice of devices is limited to only two factors – imagination and budget.

But there is a caveat – you get the already minimal budget, as the presence of DMX-control devices by default determines their higher cost. At the same time it is possible more designer clearance event – other instruments do not work ‘who’s in that much’ and do the program, forming a fully informed by the operator light scenes. I repeat – appliances and you can choose absolutely any class – from the effects to powerful moving heads and lasers. Altavista shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Only in this way need to be more responsible approach to the engineering part of the process equipment disco light. Summarizing the above, one can only wish to add – not forget the fact that any light apparatus has only half the value if you do not use smoke effects. After all, most of the disco light is not for ‘projection’ operation type ‘chamomile on the wall’, namely multipath effects in a special smoke-filled room. Try to see pictures of disco during their active work – rays, rays, rays … A smoke-free can not see them. Expect that your guests so do not protect their health that will be enough smoke for at least impractical, we are ready to offer more environmentally correct decision. Dymomashiny EUROLITE and Martin (Jem), as well as certified and have passed the eco-san and expertise to the liquid machines – this is the most successful and civilized way to achieve the desired result. And if the soul needs a holiday with a special scale, you can use the machine for the confetti – this simple and well-known visual effects people discovered in the Middle Ages and enjoyed his discovery until now. All of these very necessary things you will find us in ‘effects generators. ” Intoxication and raskolbas your discos!

Audiobooks Model

Widely known today audiobooks now very easy to get. In addition, most are of interest for people of all ages, audio model for the assembly. Direct model for the assembly consists of a written, usually in MP3 format, an ordinary book. However, there are some differences audiobooks model for the assembly of simple, not very often previously used audioknizhki. First, the narrating voice, which directly and tells about all actions that occur in the plot works, accompanied by a background in electronic music, for example, of such styles as psychedelic, ambient, downtempo and some others. Actually this kind of design and draws Most connoisseurs of literature.

An important factor in the occurrence, and is also the storage options audiobooks. They may be written on a computer and at the same time to perform some desired work and listen to an interesting fantasy story, or poetry classics. In addition, it can be done not only on your home computer, but also at work, for example, using small garniturnoy headphones. In addition, data audioknizhki can be stored on optical CD-ROM, and listen to at home or in the car while driving as well as hitting the cap, which is good relax and help remove excess stress. View record an MP3 audio track, enables establish a model for the assembly audiobooks, CD-players and even mobile phones, of course when using an optional memory card. As a result, listening to an audiobook, perhaps even on the train and subway, where, for example, no signal from the radio, or if for example, just fed up with listening to low-standard, in terms of content, music or blank ads that every five to seven minutes to launch FM-stations. Paul Daversa may not feel the same. A huge role in a large popular audiobooks model for the assembly, was the fact that some want to buy a similar audioknizhku, regardless of size or content, is available in the familiar, for many, a parallel world – the Internet. Going to dedicated web site, a user in this particular case, an amateur model to build an audiobook, you will see a list of all kinds of MP3 literature.

And in fact, buy a model to build in several ways. But Before that, the user will provide a unique opportunity to see a synopsis of its interesting audio books, and to ensure an excellent quality of the product. After that, selecting the method payment, and directly by making you, the user will be able to download the book has interested him. In the second method, it is possible to order the CD-ROM audioknizhku, using delivery by mail. In this case, is in fact prepay at a very-mail upon receipt of goods. There are certain advantages of the second method. Since there is availability of placing includes not one book but a collection of audio books model to build up that can of favorite books. In addition, it is worth noting that, in principle, not all audio books to build a model, you need to pay. There are a large number of proposed audio books online free for download. In connection with what is uniquely appropriate to go to the site, even if you do not intend to buy.

The Pleasure Of Watching A 3D Movie

New movies that have successfully developed in 2010, and more often are often accompanied by the 3D (three dimensional) image. Of course, in order that man coolly saw things finally find themselves before a three-dimensional, any eye provides much of their brain in a special way the different perspectives. However, viewing such films are most often made in the film center in order to view the 3D movie building will not spend a little bit a small bag of equipment (goggles, and it is likely just the same special monitor). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David S. Levine. That means the cheapest view those receiving the latest movies in a completely residential development criteria anaglyph (points available from colored filters – more or less approximate the cost of equipment 350rubley) carefully works to at least monitor what, in the absence of points the picture will seem especially bifurcated. Perhaps the next often met daily to this day slide design (120 – gertsovoy monitor, stereo shutter glasses synchronizing with the monitor via infrared – the transmitter – on the whole approximate cost of the equipment 20-thousand.

rubles) set correctly could happily confine very cheap in fact, although the picture looks fantastic 3D (in the second long seen as 60 images for 1 and 60 eyes shifted slightly to the contrary). Also has a reception to view these films in in a good residential design criteria for polarization – completely separate images for the left eye and right eye-shaped polarization means more or less adequate image (the monitor, the polarization points – as usual exemplary hardware costs 15 rubles.). It seemed that you probably are interested in where it is possible to independently voprosets find interesting 3D movie, no matter what closer accepted stereotypical 3D Vlu-ra, drives with three-dimensional image data on media is still too little. But there are others abilities. Of course, such as for example online (on YouTube quietly laid out is not very big movies in 3D), it is possible to deep but not limited to search these movies in a general search engine (and so Yandeks dalie). However, it is also possible in cold blood to detect 3D motion pictures and on DvD, most of the truth of their own exhibit only two-dimensional image, although the player RowerDvD 10 3D Ultra can safely add the stereo and generally results in just such films. In any case, although the quality of 3D is not quite surprising. Perhaps three-dimensional technology has not yet won the movie industry, took great for home computers.

Ahead Of Technology

We do not know what will turn the transition to digital cameras and 3D-image. "Avatar" may become a new starting point or a curious oddity. In the end, over fifty years, James Cameron's three-dimensional filming was engaged Alfred Hitchcock. Who now remembers that his film "In the case of murder, dial M" (1954) filmed in 3D, and shown with Polaroid glasses? In the meantime, "Avatar" rolled into theaters, movies-we remember landmarks, which now mark technological progress. By 1944 the ninth year, when he left, "St. Louis", color films have long ceased to be news. The first colored band went back in 1903 (then a film painted by hand), became a familiar thing in the 1930s. But it was a movie Vincent Minnelli showed TECHNICOLOR technology in all its splendor: a rich, vibrant, deep colors.

Tehnikolorovskie movies cost a third more expensive than black and white. It's really rolling, they captured only in the 50s, when the main rival cinema has a soft chair in front of the TV home. Megalomania was overcome directors did not yesterday. Practically the next day after one person invented the movie camera, the other began to wrestle with on how to make a movie screen in two, five, ten times more. Fingers of two hands is not enough to count all the technology of shooting and showing a wider format: TohoScope (Japanese invention), CinemScope (short lived development studio 20th Century Fox), The Cinerama (the apotheosis of megalomania – the screen size of half a football field, three of the projector, set in a row). Finally, in the sixties, more or less accepted standard for the cameras was PANAVISION – with the help of his musicals, and filmed epics like "Lawrence of Arabia." The history of the "new wave" talk like this: in the 60 young talented kids picked up a camera and took to the streets, take the lives of their peers without embellishment, without makeup, without teatralschiny – and miss the important thing. Easy to say – "took the camera." The camera weighed fifty kilograms, it was impossible to pick up – just put on a stand or cart.

New Wave hardly could overwhelm the world with no new light camera. Jean-Luc Godard would hardly have made his amazing antiutopichesky noir "Alphaville" without the legendary camera eCLAIR CAMEFLEX. Any veteran director-time engineer. George Lucas is no exception. On the set of "Star Wars" he was the first industrial-scale use of technology MOTION CONTROL, where the computer controlled camera movement, enabling it to walk up to the apothecary several times on the same trajectory. If Lucas used the technology in the studio for the filming of his toy space fighter, the Steven Spielberg was the first to apply it to the full-scale surveys – see "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977). Lucas is one of the first put in the movie computer graphics (slightly more than ten seconds). Steven Spielberg loves and knows how to be the first. His "Jurassic Park" – this is probably the first picture, where the fullest use of the achievements of robotics. If Ridley Scott on the set of "Alien," for example, had to shove a live person in a black latex tailed suit, Spielberg set in motion and hydraulic circuits. ANIMATRONICS – a word that came to be called products such as Tyrannosaurus, which is fed from the outlet and moved by remote control.

“Twilight. Saga. New Moon “- The Most Anticipated Premiere Of 2009

"New Moon" – a successful film adaptation of the famous second novel, the saga of vampires by Stephenie Meyer. After the overwhelming success of "Twilight", it became clear that the second part will be removed by the same actors – Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Teelor Lautner, or waves of protest among the fans would not be able to avoid. Filming began in March 2009, and the premiere is just around the corner – November 20, 2009. Directed by Chris Weitz, best known for such films as "American Pie", "Golden Compass, "" my mom's boyfriend "reacted to the work seriously. At the audition for the role of Indian werewolf he allowed only those actors who really Native American roots, that certainly should have been recorded in documents. In short, the passports were checked at all. New Moon movie plot more interesting than the story of its creation: Bella Swan Edward Cullen with her boyfriend celebrating its age. The problem is that of Edward, and all its surroundings – the vampires.

Although the breed of these "children of darkness", of course, an aristocratic, but the animal instincts to restrain them sometimes can not. So, Jasper, one of the guests, attacked the Isabella when he saw blood on her hand (Birthday girl cut his hand on the gift paper). To this never happens again, Edward decides to leave his beloved, assuring her that to continue communication with her, he simply does not want. Of course, this was not true, and when Bella started search for her ex-boyfriend, he does his best to avoid meeting her. At this time, Bella Swan befriends a boy-Indian, Jacob Black. He is trying to surround it with care and protection, but even then not all glory to God – so happened that broke up with a vampire, and has made friends with a werewolf …. Among other things, it opens the season of hunting the vampire Victoria, whose fiance was killed by James Cullen in the early history of "Twilight." In general, Victoria wants Justice – Bella's life for the life of James. Werewolves intervene in the conflict and take the side of Bella. And even on that note of passion are just beginning to flare up. The most interesting thing is still to come …