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Time Networking

Although it is note that this opinion is debatable, as all people in varying degrees, suffer from a lack of confidence. It turns out that in one degree or another (again), all registered users of social networking exposed This malady of modern mobile society. That is, to get rid of addictions, you must: 1) or simply delete the pages of social networking, or 2) learn how to use these resources to the best of 3) or at the time of installing interlocks, which, incidentally, you can plug in your browser. Which of these options to choose – to decide, of course, to the user. However, it is worth remembering one basic truth: Time – is the most precious and irreplaceable resource, it is necessary to protect and rationally use! As a result, several studies showed that the most important "killer time" is constant and almost continual presence in social networks. On average, users spend on Russia's vast social networks of about 6.5 hours per month. That is, it is almost one third of the day.

However, it is no secret that some of the social the network takes much longer. Overuse of social networks and suffer from occupation, and business in general. No wonder many companies, management decided to install interlocks social networking on the desktop computers of employees. This is done in the name of increased productivity, or at least to save their businesses from losses. According to statistics, by reason of the use by social networks during workflow, the company is losing between 2 and 10% of the profits.


With the current development of Web technology is difficult to find someone who does not know about ICQ. ICQ is a program that adapts to different operating systems, and allows millions of visitors of the Internet around the world to produce transfer any files, chat, make acquaintances, to play. Network name is homophone phrase 'I seek you', which in Russian means "I'm looking for you." Almost anyone can download ICQ from the Internet on your PC or mobile phone and get the pleasure of unlimited communication. It is not difficult to download ICQ for free, it needs to download ICQ on your mobile phone or computer, install software, register, get his room and instant notification system with absolutely all the benefits will be available to you. Asya, this is a gentle name stuck to the network as an indispensable tool in everyday life is used very many people. Day ICQ creations allowed to open the way to a new era of Internet technology and now can not imagine how people lived before without such a convenient and useful things. Download ICQ for free – this is one of the first steps to make millions people around the world, when they buy a computer. In addition to standard send short text notifications, ICQ these days offers a lot more interesting services, such as sharing files, sending free SMS messages, transfer of colorful postcards with greetings, send an e-mail notification, audio communication between users, games for all tastes, as well as several other features that make Asya's best friend and assistant in real world speeds and the highest technology.

To date, there are two types of customers ICQ: informal and formal. The original version of ICQ client of you have to download on the official website icq, in addition, each country has its own official localized ICQ. In the Russian Federation have the original ICQ rambler, and the Ukraine have bigmir. As a rule, informal ICQ clients develop enthusiasts who thoroughly know the messaging protocol. These versions much easier and requires advanced users who know that most of the functions askinyh very rarely used. New users choose at first download ICQ official, but then still go to the official.

Miranda and QIP – the most popular "amateur" versions of ASI. These versions use an open source code with lots of plug-ins that allows a person to create for himself as the best option configuration ICQ. You should only download ICQ for free on your mobile phone or PC and find out yourself what features you need, but without What you can and just do without. Connect Clients now receive a nine-digit numbers. And in the beginning were five-digit, which are now highly prized, as well as six-and seven-digit. But first we must download the ICQ, and only then to think about changing your number to a more prestigious, which is less than digits. Progress does not stand still and submit to the moment the PC or phone owners who do not use ICQ, unreal. Necessary ICQ download absolutely free – and the world of communication to you!