Scanning And Stream Input: Problems And Solutions

The number of queries on "scanning", "Digitizing books" close to popular request, as the organization of electronic documents "," office automation "and others. What could be a service for scanning and streaming input documents? How they are implemented: wholesale or retail? Many customers assume that the service scanning and document capture replicable and can be massively spread, along with Uslu photo studios and imaging centers, but in life everything is complicated. To equip even a small scanning center is necessary to buy expensive equipment (the cost is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars). Retail Customers will not let this turn to this center pays scan, so scan service – always "wholesale" service. It is in cases where the client has a need to scan and make the system Hundreds of thousands of documents for a limited period of time. Stream input of a large number of documents in various information systems required and will require the project approach, one of the main features of which is the originality of each project.

It is this feature does not allow us to create a great center of scan, adherence to universal service, along with a copy centers: all projects have their own specificity, make the choice of hardware, software, whether it is a project to develop an electronic library card file or creating an electronic archive of design and technical documentation. Necessary to distinguish between single ongoing projects of the array accumulated over several decades and the current document scanning and input received documentation, such as corporate e-mail or contracts. For the first type of scan profitable to attract foreign companies for the current input – to create their own sites scan hire operators scan. Often, organizations have realized a massive input by an external company and evaluate the merits of the performance of such services by other companies, the current input is to outsource.