Intelligent Communications

With Call-center company is able to carry out marketing and sales, as well as perform operations on schetam.Po as the market develops computer telephony definition of Call-center changed from a technical tool to a means of establishing connections and maintaining relationships with customers. Call-center was a reflection of the concept of CRM: we manage not customer transactions and relationships with klientami.Sleduet noted that there is a difference between the traditional call center and call center based on ip. ip call-center allows you to align and consolidate structure of the call center, excluding travel cost for the operation of the network, and manage multiple remote devices through a centralized system of applications (you can use two systems to duplication). Home-based operators, the point of satellite communications, external resources and experts to easily align themselves as extensions to one call-center, allowing centralized management and decision resheniy. unique evolutionary approach to the Avaya IP-telephony call center can start working in native mode, selecting the optimal mix of traditional devices and IP-telephony.

avaya company offers solutions, developed based on the ip Office to contact the customers and fully meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Avaya provides adequate workable solution, regardless of whether work in You have 5 employees or a formal contact center with 75 agents. avaya unique solutions for call centers (ATC) allow communication without borders. The distinctive features of modern technological solutions is their modularity, extensibility and modifiability. Offers a full range of hardware and software needed to create full-featured professional carrier Center: Software Avaya Call Center functionality for implementing call center, which is loaded on the telecommunication server Avaya; reporting and management systems Avaya Call Management System (CMS), which allows you to take operational and strategic solutions for managing call center, Interactive Voice Response System Avaya Interactive Response (IR), which allows operators to replace the work and organize customer self-service; means of computer telephony integration Avaya Computer Telephony (CTI), allowing to organize the process of service of telephone calls based on information stored in customer databases, tools to support multimedia Access to the call center and an expanded computer telephony integration Avaya Multimedia Contact Center; recording system calls, Avaya Call-Recording, which allows to control the quality of service calls. In conclusion, we would remind you that any communication with the customer enters into a business opportunity. To continually anticipate customer expectations and ensure compliance with these expectations in all areas of contact, you need well thought-out strategy Intelligent Communications, bringing together communications applications call center with other business applications, allowing decisions to ensure service quality, based on detailed information about each individual client.

Home Theaters

Home theater projectors in this category includes a 16:9 and 16:10 (with the ability to display 4:3 and 5:4), demonstrating improved quality of video images and low noise fan. The demonstration of a computer image. So, you have to determine to which group belongs desired projection. To further the choice of model was simpler, let's get acquainted with the fundamental characteristics of projectors, each of which is particularly important for specific applications. Main characteristics – it is the luminous flux, resolution and contrast. Luminous flux Luminous flux – one of the most important performance projections. The higher light output, especially with large screen sizes can operate the projector and the lower the requirement to darken the room. Unit of measurement of luminous flux is the ANSI-lumens.

Now mikroportativnye projectors weighing 1,0 – 2,4 kg have a luminous flux of 1200 – 2500 ansi lumens – enough for presentations in the negotiations or during seminars and training sessions, video viewing in smaller rooms. Heavy-duty thread 3500 – 6500 ANSI-lumens are models weighing from 3.5 to 15 kg – they can be used in large conference rooms and even movie theaters. When selecting the projector needed to calculate the value of luminous flux to the following factors: the desired image size, dimensions and shape of the room where the projector will be installed, as well as the nature of ambient light. For example, a large but very dark room, you can get big and bright image Using a projector with a relatively low luminous flux.