The Art Of Programming

The algorithms is the area or science commissioned the study and elaboration of algorithms good when one decides to initiate this program computers or web pages, has an endless number of questions and many times for fear one is left beat without even testing or trying to make a script.The basis of modern computing is based on the development of algorithms, if you’re one beginner all this the algorithms, methodology, algorithms, structures of data etc etc, you sounded Chinese. This is normal when one starts, but you should know that programming is very simple once you learn to never set it forget.Even when not realize in our daily life we use much the algorithms or the algorithms look at some definitions of algorithm.It is a set of steps or finite to have a logical order or sequential instructions.It is a group of orders, steps or finite sentences that have a beginning and end and an order chronological or logical.A definition that also must meet is that of logic, a fabulous book called the essence of the programming logic gives us this definition of logic.It is the way more easy and obvious to do something an example of the use of algorithms in our lives, may be the algorithm to fry an egg or change a tire.Algorithm to fry an egg take a skillet.Take an egg.Turn on the stove.Heat the skillet.Add oil to the skillet.Break the egg Add egg to the frying pan.Wait for the egg to cook.Algorithm to change a tire.Remove spare tire.Remove the hydraulic jack.Lift the car with the cat.Remove rim ponchada.Put spare tire.Save all.As we can see in the two algorithms seem a kind of tutorial, recipe, manual, or steps to follow, because that is basically an algorithm. As we can see in our lives we use much algorithms, since when we got up we continue a series of steps to dress, eat breakfast, bathe, etc etc, even when go to work etc etc.When we develop an algorithm is very important to do so as more clear and consiso possible and without many redundancies, for example in the algorithm of fry an egg in the second step: take an egg, can be a problem, and that such eggs are already over? this is why it is necessary that the algorithm will cover all possible points even when something obvious parescalogical, coarse, or pending.We can also make the algorithm of fry an egg even longer, we can make it only 4 lines or up to 25 lines to say something… Let’s for example step 2 algorithm fry an egg.Step 2 take a 2.1 huevoSubpaso no huevosSubpaso 2.2 go buy huevosY so have done more great all programming algorithm, all languages fundamental mind are based on this, in the decision-making, execution of the steps in logical or structured order, the execution of several times the same estrucciones using loops, etc etc.