Placement of direct advertising in the books is one of the best ways to reach their target audience. Getting acquainted with the book, the reader will be both familiar and advertising of goods and services provided in the form of modules on separate pages. And when you consider the ability of readers interested in these products and services to make buying decisions, advertisement in the book can be very effective. It remains well-placed. Direct Advertising in the books are widely used even in pre-revolutionary Russia. At the turn of the xix and xx centuries, books for general readers were universal advertising medium – they advertised everything from cosmetics to industrial equipment and products of chemical production. Today, ads contain not only books, designed for a broad audience.

Advertising messages are often placed in books for specialists. In the most publicized Miscellaneous goods and services. In editions of literature – books and book series, being prepared for release. In publications on psychology, astrology, healthy lifestyles – all sorts of courses, workshops, seminars and schools. In special editions – spare parts, computers, digital photos, etc.

choose , like any commodity, bought the target audience. This allows advertisers to place advertisements in publications, addressed to potential consumers of its products and services. For example, advertising driving school guide for rules of the road – a very effective way to reach their target audience of those organizations who teach driving vehicles. Considering the book as an advertising media, should take into account its circulation, relevance, popularity and credibility of the author's scheme of distribution, additional activities to promote the book market, offered by publishers. All this affects the effectiveness of advertising in the book the most direct way. place for Advertise usually placed in a special unit at the end of the book or the back cover, at least on the foldout in any part of the publication. Additionally, use bookend – a reversal between the book blocks and binding, which usually does not carry information. There are any attachments in the book: Stand under the cup, tab, CD-ROM with information content, the magnet on the fridge, return card, pocket calendar, a plastic card. The organization, funded the publication, receiving the prestigious status and title sponsor, respectively – the exclusive right to publish advertisements. Standard advertising package title sponsor provides accommodation corporate logo and the inscription "published with the assistance of " on the front cover and the front page of the book, as well as an ad (or module) on the back cover. Advertising in a format that requires changing the design of binding (inserts, booklets, brochures), used very seldom. In our country, the book traditionally treated as a product of intellectual labor and the placement of non-standard or excess advertising can reduce the value of the publication and turn the reader on a purchase. benefits of how advertising media 1. High degree of impact of advertising on the reader interested in the topic publications and ability to make purchasing decisions. 2. Long duration of the promotion. Corresponds to the period distribution of books – from several months to several years. 3. Expansion of the target audience due to new readers (according to statistics, one book uses up to 2-3 people). 4. Possibility to order publications on specific topics.

Design Studio

An example of an immortal strategy can serve as a legendary brand Levi's. Having done once bet on excellent quality, 'Clothing the proletarians' and today remains true to its inventor. Strategy is supported by tactical receptions – in 1886 at the Levi's jeans came the famous leather label with two horses, tried unsuccessfully to break off his pants. For every global brand today is a product that represents a key factor in the brand: comfort, beauty, originality, clarity, reliability, ease and much more. To choose from a number of factors, one that will turn your product into the dream, the task of a specialist. Find the reason for the need to buy it is your product, make him an exceptional response, and told the idea to the consumer. A good example of allocating a key factor may be the Swiss brand swatch.

The company's success, winning a tough competition against China, was founded on the idea that consists in the fact that the watch can take on the market position of stylish and colorful decorations for the youth. Allocation of benefits is not the only way to effectively build the brand. In today's advertising market there are branding strategies, built on other principles. The most common are the following:> 'The problem-solution'. Prominent examples include Mr. Proper, Tide, Cillit, Mivina;> Creating an image of a person using the brand. So, Rools-roys, Vertu, dc Shoes, D & G, Chanel is not only a trademark, and certain, exceptional lifestyle.

> Select a single product, which is associated with the brand. In some cases, the name of the product is virtually synonymous (Xerox, Pampers, etc.). Most often this strategy is selected companies that have a narrow specialization. Marketing research – the basis of positioning strategy Variety components of tactics – tools, channels and means of promotion, should always be held in the brand strategy. Strong strategy developed on the basis of polls, surveys, there will always be clearly communicate the brand position to the consumer. Such a strategy will be clear regardless of the constantly changing commercials and characters. Market research is also a powerful tool in promoting the brand. Age of intuitive decision decisions completed. We live in a time of fierce competition, where the right of error is given is not for everyone. Brand development pair 'creatives' by 'brainstorming' is winning the main prize in the lottery. Most original advertising idea is not always the most effective. The survey in such a situation would be the most powerful basic element that reduces the risk of making wrong decisions when creating or promoting a brand. L. Ron Hubbard called 'classic American management', defined as the surveys' key to the high statistics. " Statistics in this case, the result, efficiency and stability of which is the best indicator. After strategy is developed, created by filling the rest of the brand (name, slogan, logo, color selection, rooted message, channels of promotion). Loyalty to the brand as a strategic and tactical decisions, and in its elements that ultimately will create a strong brand that has become a leader in its category and whose name will be in tune with the idea that you put into it even when created. Vladimir Lukyanchuk 2K Design Studio