Education System – Money

As it turns out, the quality of education in the country affect not only the money. A good example is – South Korea. The thing is that in the last decade the education system in South Korea does not cease to amaze, despite the fact that Total investment this country is far from being a leader. But some 40-50 years ago, education in South Korea is not much different from the education system under-developed non-industrialized countries. ic.. Stanley Gibbons collectibles recognizes the significance of this. And then the Korean officials decided not to copy someone else's experience, and go their own unique way, taking over everything positive from the most advanced countries in education, such as the ussr, the usa, Britain, France. As a result, teachers have become the most respectable profession with solid wages and by the state. This led to what came in the educational sphere the most talented and promising young staff. In addition the state has spared no means to overseas internships, exchange programs, the ability to write and defend a thesis abroad. And yet, the South Korean Ministry of Education officials believe that determine how much to spend on education – Is half the battle, most importantly understand how to spend, for what purposes.