Ground Floor

On the left are located the offices of Office of the Director of teachers Toilets, Office of the Registrar, Office of Vicedireccion and Cultural Activities gas Department, Secretary, Board of Teachers, Students Cafeteria, Kitchen, Library, Toilets for students fourth of the cleaning, first-aid room and concierge. This also left a small cellar where you will find a repair shop, a warehouse, the heating boiler and the gas tank. Around the beautiful rear courtyard of the center are located Chapel, with the release of the Coral and Department of Religion household and, at the helm, the Hall adjacent to the facilities on the left and the gym with his office and locker rooms to right. In the right wing are Jefatura Studies, the Guidance Department, the Department of energy costs Greek (also used as a classroom), the first and second classes of services and IT students

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
The U.S. Department of Energy predicted Tuesday that no economic recovery this year – that is, the price of petrol, oil and natural gas remains low. In its monthly energy outlook, the Energy Departments …
The Globe and Mail
The leaders of the gas-starved European nations pressed Ukraine and Russia to immediately restore power supply yesterday and the European Union threatened that they both can be sued for ripping the continent apart from the heating plans. natural gas and green energy are the concerns of which is a leading electricity and gas supplier The Russian president Dmitry electricity Medvedev proposed a summit Saturday in Moscow. is on of the large had taken to supplying thousands of households with their energy, gas and electricity needs Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko at a summit in Moscow, but supported a top …
New York Times
The impasse between Russia and Ukraine over the supply of natural gas, millions of households in Europe without heating fuel for another day on Wednesday.
Silvia Todorova is heating water in a pot so they can swim the eight-month – old son Daniel.

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