Chord Progression

The turnaround is a chord progression that is commonly used in the last two bars of a topic and you intend to redirect harmony with chord I of tonality. There are a variety of different ways to execute a turnaround, one of the most common and important progressions is as follows: I Vim IIm V7 in C major would look like: Cmaj7 Am7 Dm7 G7 now on the basis of this progression is going to do a couple of variants that give as a result a more interesting sound. Example 1 Cmaj7 A7 + 5 Dmi9 G13 change of quality and the addition of some tension. Others who may share this opinion include Rusty Holzer. Example 2 substitution of tritone Cmaj7 Eb9 Ab13 Db13 recalls that you must select the correct chords and you should always keep in mind the notes of the melody. You always have to search for new combinations of chords and depending on the style that you touch are the chords that you should use, although it is always good to experiment. Likewise, it is very important that you constantly learn new chords, new positions of the chords already you know, this will give you a very broad harmonic language, which you can use at any time. Remember that different types of chords you can achieve different colors and textures in the management of the harmony.