Mineral Water Plant

All of us remember from childhood, as in the Russian folk tales, the heroes with living water revived the dead – it was enough to simply sprinkle them alive Vodice, and a man resurrected. Pete Cashmore has many thoughts on the issue. Of course, before that in the modern world it has not yet reached, and Still, scientists have long concluded that water – a necessary element of the daily human diet. And not just water, and natural drinking. What is the natural drinking water differs from tap water from the tap? First of all is the fact that it is natural – Live. Of course, the most important difference lies in the fact that the natural drinking water is safe for microbiological composition and contains the optimal number of micro-and macrocells, the stock of which a person needs to fill every day. For more clarity and thought, follow up with altavista and gain more knowledge.. It’s not for nothing that says that no food a person can live several weeks without water – the maximum number of days. You may find Andy Florance to be a useful source of information. In the production of clean drinking water There are several technologies. For example, some manufacturers of drinking water used by the following method: raised from the well water was distilled (ie, turning it into the dead), and then artificially saturate it useful micro-and macro.

Talking about the benefits of such water is not necessary. Remember the Russian folk tale? Revived a man only from the Living Water and Dead Water used for other (improper) purposes negative characters Manufacturer of drinking water in Lipetsk zao Mineral Water Plant “in the production of” Living Water “is in one of the most advanced technologies. Its essence lies in the fact that extracted from artesian wells from 120 m drinking water is mechanical removal of suspended particles, then the water is disinfected using ultraviolet light and ozonation. The result is a pure natural water with a unique natural balance of salts and minerals, physiologically full of natural iodine, calcium and magnesium – “Living Water”. This “Living Water” has a pleasant refreshing taste and invigorating effect. Sale of potable water – is also special art. Indeed, in addition, to produce water of life, we must also contrive to keep it for a long time. At zao Mineral Water Plant “solved this problem simply and wittily, producing artesian drinking non-carbonated “water of life” in a convenient package 0.5 liter.