Xbox Media Center

Xbox Media Center (XBMC) is a multimedia player for the Xbox video console. XBMC can play music, videos and display images that are in the DVD drive, hard drive, a local AT&T network, USB stick, and on the Internet. Also works as a dashboard candy bar phone replacement for the Xbox games. Other functions include administration of the XBMC databases for music files and video clips, weather reports and guides to HTC show TV shows video of YouTube, cell phones Stage6 and short films from
XBMC is distributed as free software under the GNU GPL Nokia license.
Combining 1.0 with XBMC Xbox is now one AT&T of the better and cheaper ATT Media Center market. Accepting the majority of audio and video codecs, supporting subtitles resynchronization of subtitles and audio, audio player and excellent photographs.

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Windows Media Center brings a number of problems for those who want to watch TV when and how they choose. Ray Show offers solutions.
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