Wordperfect for Atari ST

Partio Although as a heavy and slow around 1987, WordPerfect for Atari ST underwent many refinements becoming the most comprehensive word processor and powerful (and expensive) for ST available at that time. This power to the complex, the manual had more than 600 pages and even had 5 quick reference pages, and imposed a learning curve much longer than the rest of the available processors. However, in addition to keyboard commands, took advantage of the GEM environment TOS doing more intuitive handling. With version 4.1 of January 29, 1988 had been released from all or most of the programming errors of the previous versions. The software was delivered in 6 unprotected diskettes. ST WordPerfect was a program LQVELQO ( “What you see is what you get” (in English: WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get). Have all the features of the program in the IBM PC version. The format of file was 100 compatible with the PC version. I had a very simple conversion program to use to change the format of files created with Wordperfect Writer ST, 1ST Writer Word and Word processors popular in ST. Above all, rioja distinctive version of the ST was the integration with the environment GEM allowed to handle up to 4 windows, you could use the mouse and configure the program using the menus despelgables (at that time did not exist in the Windows PC). Although it was based on The PC version was a program written from scratch in assembly language, processor optimized for the 68000, reaching, in the latest versions, 3 to 5 times the speed of the PC version.