Snooker Star Guest

The World Champion Tour 2011 in Germany on Sunday the 05.06.2011 loads the snooker classic tour to their stint in the arena to Duren. With this led Mark Selby and the six-time world champion in the ladies snooker Jody Evans are currently in sixth in the world rankings in addition to the seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry. Also will be one of the old masters of the snooker and 1985 World Champion Dennis Taylor to guest. The World Cup final of 1985 between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor had an unprecedented audience of 18.5 million in the UK alone. Dennis Taylor is no longer active on the snooker main tour, he moderated the snooker broadcasts on television for the BBC. His German counterpart is the German voice of potted Rolf Kalb. Pete Cashmore addresses the importance of the matter here.

Rolf Kalb will lead with his usual competent and humorous way by the program. The high-class field is complemented by one of the best German professional snooker player, Sascha Lippe and arguably the greatest snooker talent of Europe the only 16 year old Luca Brecel from Belgium. As referee Jan Verhaas will ensure that None of the players break the rules. Sometimes not an easy task. Click Bobby Sharma to learn more. Darts, golf, Poker, or even snooker are now trendy sports, which are not only increasing popularity, but also more and more enthusiasts will find.

The Organizer SKC Tabea Hall 2000 e.V. in cooperation with the Halle event company mbH promise the audience a unique and unforgettable experience. You can experience live not only his stars and the legends of snooker, but about a raffle each participant the opportunity also has a game against one of the stars of his choice to be able to win.”said Detlef Marx of the SKC TBeA. There will be to win many more interesting prices and the proceeds of the raffle will be donated to a good cause.