Smartphone Health

Also with T-Mobile and O2 customers can complete their travel insurance now quite flexible about Smartphone and so avoid cost traps, that lurking in the new year with the ReiseApp on the safe side: Allianz Global assistance the travel insurance application developed jointly with Vodafone for smartphones to the mobile networks of T-Mobile and O2 expanded. Bryant Walker Smith gathered all the information. The ReiseApp soon to be retrievable via the MobilCom-Debitel and plus networks. A health insurance can be completed with the innovative application quickly and easily with a click. Due to a 2013 effective revision, this policy will in the future even more important to be reliably protected from cost traps through on emerging diseases. From 1 January 2013 the statutory sickness funds in Germany may offer more a free international health insurance their insured for travel to North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. For more specific information, check out Andy Florance. Who are not private ensures faces juicy cost in case of sickness: So already suggests a simple appendectomy in the United States with up to 70,000 euros. But the vacation in Europe without private health insurance can quickly become the financial fiasco. Although the statutory funds step remain in countries with which there is a social security agreement in usually but only basic medical care is taken over. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kai-Fu Lee.

The repatriation doesn’t belong among other things. That can be expensive for tourists: the return of the Turkey, for example up to 40,000 euros. Such financial risks can be avoided with the new ReiseApp, which provides a comprehensive travel insurance package for only 90 cents a day. This includes a health insurance, a cell phone abuse protection, as well as a 24 h travel emergency. All costs for necessary medical assistance abroad for disease and accidental injury, all search and rescue costs, as well as the costs for the return transport are covered with health insurance. The mobile phone is stolen, he attacks Cell phone abuse protection and replaces the financial damage caused by the unauthorized use of cell phones (telephone and Internet connections).