Sebastio Caps

This team obtained the cession of the land where today still the clinic functions and the objective one was if to implant the CAPS, fastest possible, in view of the great one I number of internments at that time (about 50 internments per year). What for a population of 23.692 inhabitants he is one I number very great of internments what it generates for the city one high cost. The assistance to the carrying patients of mental suffering was made for clinical doctors of the health net, whom or they directed for a medical psychiatrist it are of the city or for internment in psychiatric hospitals, being that the reference at the time was Hospital of Privets, You cultivate and Are Sebastio of the Paradise.

Law 11,802, Art. 1) Says que’ ‘ all carrying person of mental suffering has right the constant treatment through therapeutical procedures, with the objective to recoup the physical and mental integrity, the identity, the dignity, the life family, communitarian and profissional’ ‘ – General Objective PROJECT; It is to offer and to guarantee attendance to multidiscipline patients psychotic, neurotics serious and egresses of hospitals psychiatric, in regimen of treatment intensive (patient that they need daily accompaniment), half-intensive (patient that they need frequent accompaniment and not-intensive (where the frequency it can be lesser) and also orientation the familiar ones with the objective to breach with the manicomial paradigm, aiming at to diminish the psychiatric hospital internments and thus to improve the quality of life for attended and its familiar ones. – Justification – the main justification for the implantation of a CAPS is and it was always the great one I number of internments of city () It would carry 336/GM? ‘ ‘ Art 1 Estabeler that the Centers of Psicossocial Attention will be able to consist in the following modalities of services: Caps I, CapsII, CapsIII, defined for increasing order of transports/complexities and population abrangncia, as made use in this Would carry; ‘ ‘ Goal? Our main goal is the reduction in 100% of it numbers of hospital internments (gradually in the subsequent years to the beginning of the CAPS) Planning Functioning? Partnerships In elapsing of the years had been made diverse important partnerships for the Clinic of Mental Health, and the aid of diverse volunteers who give great aids in the clinic. Atendimentos given today; Psychological attendance, psychiatric attendance, therapeutical Workshop, recreativas lesson of physical exercises, trips Result; Some partnerships that in donate materials to them for the artesanato, sales of the artisan products; Recreativas trips for other cities, pass of bus for the frequent patients Lacks the main lack of the clinic is the construction of the building for the implantation of the CAPS, more professional, mainly the T.O. Benefits CAPS Installment services the community of adequate form generation of jobs.. .