Vizinczey was born in Hungary in 1933. It took part in the Revolution from his country against the USSR in 1956 and had to exile itself to flee from the communist persecution. Brief time in Italy lived, from where it marched to Canada and later to EE.UU. At present it lives in London. It published this novel of way self-financed in 1965. One has become a world-wide success that has sold more than three million unit. Read more here: Peter Asaro.

The narration is developed in first person, with a flowed language, pleasant and very taken care of. The ten or twelve chapters of the book contain independent although embastadas histories over the years and the growth of the protagonist. The story is so well counted, with so well-taken care of and intimate details that the reader acquires the conviction that the content of the novel is autobiographical in its integrity. Excellent picture of the personages, who are showing to the history loaded of shades that makes humans, fragile and truthful. The main personage is totally credible, thing difficult to obtain concerning an overflowed adolescent by its insecurities and fear.

The novel with a exhibition finalizes, something extensive, of the idea that the author has of the character of the Hungarian town, caused by happening of a history of subjugation on the part of the neighboring powers. Ensaystica exhibition that can be considered out of place but pardonable, if we consider the date of publication of the book and the personal and national situation caused by the oppression of a genocida ideology. Excellent reading.