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The initial design of EV-DO was developed by Qualcomm in 1999 to meet the requirements of IMT-2000 for a communications link to download more stationary for 2 Mbit / s opposite to mobile communications as a mobile phone. Initially, the standard was called High Data Rate HDR, but was renamed to 1xEV-DO after it was rectified by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and was assigned the Name Number IS-856. Originally, 1xEV-DO refers to “1x Evolution-Data Only”, which is pointing to a direct evolution of 1x (1xRTT), whose channels carry only data traffic.
Then, surely by the negative connotations of the word “only” (only), the abbreviation “DO” as part of free cell phones the name in the 1xEV-DO standard was changed to “Optimized for Data (Data Optimized). Thus, EvDO now stands for “Evolution-Data Optimized” and the prefix “1x” has been abandoned by most traders, who just called Ev-DO. The paper (in English) are more commercial terms that refer to the data transfer optimization for this technology.