Rapid Printing

Offset printing by law to take its rightful place in modern life. A few decades ago, a simple laser printer seemed a miracle of technology. But now things are different – Laser printers have become part of everyday life of businesses, and large holdings prefer to buy printing stations (Xerox DocuColor 250). Several features incorporated into the machine enable it to perform different actions. Easy maintenance and operation, and and high performance makes it irreplaceable.

However, for the manufacture of, for example, flyers, will require additional Production Solutions. This equipment may include: a machine for scoring Paper, printing stpeler, a machine for cutting paper, etc. In order to become a center of offset printing is not just enough to buy a printer, even if it is ultra-modern. As is known offset printing focused on large volumes, but at present it is not true, so it is gradually replacing the digital print. This may be explained by the fact that in today's world are changing rapidly and often is that the information is stamped on some, such as business card, a week would be irrelevant in this context does not make sense to order a print run of 10,000 copies, because you can not catch all of this to apply. To offset printers have two choices: either re-qualify to buy an old typewriter at least a type of Xerox DocuColor 12 and a center offset printing, or simply shut down.

It may be noted from this laser printer and the era "Digital printing", which is now continuing the huge "advanced megastantsiyami" like DocuColor Xerox DocuColor 5000 or 8000. Printers, who are trying to stay on the market and keep their customers buying little old car, which allows them to provide prompt, if you want fast and small issue. But there are both pluses and minuses … The most important drawback is the price. The price is much higher than in offset printing as well as consumables go much, much more than printing inks. But the fact that offset printing will be done within five days in the salon can make in an hour, so when you need to urgently and all the deadlines have already passed, then the cost is not think. The essential disadvantages of "quick printing", and, consequently, digital printing can be attributed to the limited use of paper, ie, not all design or construction paper may be placed in the printer, only 80 300 gr. , And after that can break the machine. At the same dire results may be using, and heavy paper (over 300 gr.) – It could get stuck and thus damage the mechanism, and a thin (less than 80 oz.) – It can fire, unable to withstand high temperatures during fusing. But technology is not standing still and when all the technical imperfections of digital printing are eliminated and the cost of toner will fall, then it will come time of the final farewell to offset printing.