Passive solar architecture

Passive solar architecture, including the modeling, selection and proper use of passive solar technology, which maintains the environment of a home to a comfortable temperature by the sun, every day of the year. As a result, minimizing the use of active solar technologies, renewable energies and especially the technologies based on fossil fuels.
Passive solar architecture is only a small part of the design of energy-efficient buildings, which in turn is another part of the sustainable design, although these terms are often wrongly used as synonyms (solar passive architecture is not related to concepts such as ventilation , cooling by evaporation, or life cycle analysis).

The Orlando Utilities Commission provides two programs for solar residential and commercial customers: photo volta ic solar energy, which puts the sun into electricity and thermal solar energy, that heat provides for water heating systems.
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V. V. Ramanathan Ramanathan, a climate and atmospheric scientist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in UCSD, is one of the two scientists who share the 2009 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement. Rated by energy magazines as the #1 Esco Give you better pricing on Gas and Electric. He and Richard Alley, professor of Geosciences at Penn State University, the prize for their work demonstrating the global reach and severity of human impact on the …
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Fiscal Policy: President Obama will send his envoys to the Congress to explain why an economy-killing tax on energy – a load of all Americans will pay in all aspects of their lives – is necessary for the Earth.
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Kalmar, Sweden – While a fraction of the size of Chicago, this industrial city in the southeast of Sweden has many similarities with it, including a long, snowy winter and the town football team loves.

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