Ottoman Empire

Ancient historians say – Theodosius coeval famous ancient cities of Greece. She is 25 centuries! Of age. It is generally accepted that the Greeks founded Theodosius. When the ancient Greeks Theodosius was at the intersection of trade routes. Not surprisingly, the city became a major trading and transshipment port and prospered a century after century. But, sadly, the lush tame times can not last indefinitely. Happy life of the Crimea could not attract envious sight. Filed under: Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

The Genoese in the 13 th century came here. They use Theodosia, renamed Cafu, as the capital to monitor the new coastal areas. (Penetration of the Greeks or the Italians in the interior of the Crimea is not fixed. There traditionally controlled the territory of many steppe peoples and tribes). As it turned out the Middle Ages, the Italian nobles were not only skilled warriors, but also skilled builders. The Turks had a great chance sure. Vast Ottoman Empire (another name – the Great and Sublime Porte) sent before the outlandish size of the fleet to attack the Crimea.

The ships entered the Karkinitsky (now Feodosia) Gulf. Under the walls of Kafa at many months stuck tuki, despite all its multiplicity of ferocity and ruthlessness. Luck is inclined in one direction or the other side. But then take it and broke out in the Turkish army tent. Just yesterday the fierce Janissaries become insignificant and kittens die one after another. : Universal panic struck the Turks. In the Army prevalent sabotage and desertions. Frightened by Janissaries demanded the immediate return home to mom.