Multi-purpose cell phones…

Then cell phones became smaller, became known as walkie talkie because they were the same size as these pseudo-cell charger was far smaller and could be placed both at the same time doing short circuit in one of every two attempts . They had a beautiful green screen that will go on when you press a button and one which served to attract insects.

The third mobile cellular phone
At last seen among the first attempts to replace conventional aircraft. Now the cell phone also served as a calculator, chuleta, to send SMS and to play hockey.

It invents a system of scams downloads via SMS, where if you send a text message with the word “fraud” to 66613, you can download the themes of the Inciclopedia to your cell. Do not let this opportunity pass! Send to 66613 Fraud and among the first to get the first songs Tio1.jpg. At only $ 50 text message. We are not responsible if it becomes a virus

The green screen has improved, allowing display of the drawings as Paint, in a dark green instead of just cutre letters. The charger is already something more compact, weighing just 2 kilograms and cellular tells you how much the battery cree que le queda, usually wrong and wrong when flames and no one answered.