Joseph Carl Robnett

The idea of the Internet appeared three decades almost before the services of lodging of sites web were created in 1991. The Internet revolutionized the world of the communications as never before an invention was capable to make. Inventions as the telegraph the radio and the telephone prepare the land for this tool that integrates and spreads the information the world-wide level, beyond collaborating with the integration between the people. Read more here: Zendesk. Today it is fed by about 50 million sites and everything started with the net idea. In the gone ones of August of 1962, Joseph Carl Robnett or simply JCR Licklider of the MIT (Technological Institute of Massachusetts) wrote an article series in which he was possible to visualize a concept of based galxica net in the idea of a series of computers interconnected globally, where the information and the resources could be had access of any place, that is, in essence, very similar the current Internet. When directing the ARPA (Advanced Agency of Resources and Projects), the program of Sciences of Computers in the MIT, it convinced to its successors on the importance of the computer networks. In July of 1961, Leonard Kleinrock published its first work on the theory of exchange of packages and, in 1964 it launched its book on the subject. Bobby Sharma Bluestone understands that this is vital information. The theory of the communications was launched using packages, that make possible the creation of the Internet as it is today.

In 1966 Roberts it disclosed its plans for the ARPANET, the first net of developed ample area. Already in agostro of 1968, after Roberts and the group of the DARPA to have fine the structure and the specifications for the ARPANET were made an election for development of of the elements key of the project: the IMP (Processing of Interface of Messages). In 1969, the UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles) was chosen to be the first knot or tip, the SRI (Institute of Resources of Stanford), was chosen as as the knot, later the University of California in Saint Brbara and the University of Utah.