World Power

Depression from a misunderstanding of what to do, the disappointing news in the media. Both men, as being more sensitive to think that they can not change. That everything in the hands of people who have power and capital. A woman does not care about power, capital and authority. She should not have to look back at her friend to express his opinion. And it very well. Because we women understand that for us the main thing – it's a normal life, where we could safely engage in the home, raise children, care for themselves. We are much less concerned about power, prestige, ambitions.

Woman for the sake of peace in her house is ready to step over all these things. We need a normal life. Where is the exit? Output tells us the nature itself. Where everything is built on unity and mutual return. All agree with the proverb: 'A bad compromise is better than a good quarrel. " People need to unite on the basis of good relations. At all levels. From the smallest of things: a relationship with a neighbor, people on the street, colleagues and relations to all countries and peoples.

What is a good everyone knows. You just need to every action in relation to another, ask yourself: 'I'd like to think so for me, so did to me?'. And your answer would be absolutely correct guide to action. Be changed, we will – change the world. And if someone has to bad, then all rush to rescue him, but do not drown, as now, hoping that if someone is worse then me, on this the better. This will be a world of universal support. Stress and disappear fear. Return is not just a normal life, and life a whole new level. And how wonderful this world will feel like a woman. Tranquil setting for a stable life of love, motherhood, creativity. We want just that. A times we do not depend on the opinions and authorities, then themselves can begin to implement the construction of this world. Because the alternative in today's environment – isolation of countries and peoples, the emergence of fascist regimes and wars. Although rather War and one of the women who so desires? Woman does not need another's opinion to understand that it is – just the end of life. A man, a crowd of men, some fanatic (but usually fanatic own power and capital), is ready to fight and die, oblivious to families and children. Moreover, they do and make sure that does it all for the sake of their families. That's what it means – to depend on someone else's opinion. Therefore, change the direction of modern life, can we – women. Began to change their attitude towards people. By example. After a woman is easier to do in her nature has the love and care for another creature on it usually lasts the entire house. And most importantly – we have an independent judgments and the power of persuasion. And who, no matter how we convince his men need to unite, change in attitude towards one's neighbor. To the world are gradually improving normal human communication, with the smallest levels,