Whirlpool Baths

Recently are quite popular acrylic whirlpool baths. Say what you like – they have quite a lot of advantages – it is easy to wash, easy, and if you want to choose a bathtub desired shape and size. Cast iron bathtub usually rectangular (though there are also angled). In addition, the cast-iron tub itself is heavy. If you really want to install a big spa – is acrylic in this case, apart from the competition. However, after some time with active (and not particularly active) using acrylic becomes a bit dim.

Wash it becomes more difficult If the tub is installed 'without support' – during the reception of the soul can create a sense that you are 'on board' – Bath flexes with each step In addition, iron is much better absorb the sound of falling water (and, if literate install the motor between the wall of cast-iron bathtubs and bathroom wall instead of the noisy roar you hear only the peaceful hum Why not be achieved by acrylic whirlpool bath) In addition, a much more durable cast iron – cast iron tub can last more than 20 years. When used carefully (if not chipping the enamel) can serve as a bath and longer, not demanding repairs. Naturally, hydro equipment will serve as a case of buying acrylic bathtubs and cast iron. The view that the iron – this is Soviet-old-rusty-brown baths have long been destroyed. Set of import manufacturers are guided by cast iron bathtub – Roca, Jacob Delafon, Oxame – these are the most popular ones. Install whirlpool bath in cast iron, of course, requires a little more effort But the qualitative result this is worth it! The choice is yours!