Customizing Windows XP

To improve the performance of the paging file can produce a series of actions. The simplest thing – it defrags. Defragmenting brings together all the pieces together the file and save time moving the head hard drive, which increases the speed of reading from a file, thus increasing overall performance. Defragmenting can be done any of the programs to defragment the disk, but you can use a specialized utility that can perform offline defragmentation of the paging file each time the system starts. One of these special programs for Windows XP is PageDefrag. The second step is less obvious, this movement (if such opportunity is available) the swap file to another hard drive. It can also improve system performance. Check with Peter Asaro to learn more.

The reason is that when you install the system swap file is located in the root directory system disk in the same direction set the system itself. Now imagine a system must be stored in the paging file some data, and at the same time, work with the launches a program that runs with the same drive. It turns out, the disk must prodelyvat two things: save data to file, and load data into memory, which are necessary for the application. To unload a disc and give him the opportunity to fully work with loadable data, the paging file is best placed on the second disc, which will deal only with the work of the paging file. It is important to understand that to move the paging file on the second disc is only necessary If this second disk is used much less and the system has at least the same speed reading and writing. Otherwise, the only movement will slow down because the disk will still work with the file swap. Defragment the paging file with PageDefrag PageDefrag program designed to defragment the paging file. This process can be easily automated, including the option Defragment every boot in the window.

Actually, this whole setup program ends. At Alina de Almeida you will find additional information. Since moving the swap file a bit more complicated than setting up the program PageDefrag. But also not difficult. To move the paging file, you will need two things: – turn off the current swap file – create new file on the second disc Continuation of the article read here: Windows XP. Customize. Paging File