Systemic Study

Sometimes we have gotten ourselves to ask if greater rivers of the world have by definition some direct relation yet that one related to urbanism, and mysteriously we can assured that they are an element very important to consider, and that for that reason must first of all be an element to study when we want to speak of urbanism of the cities. One of the problems with the cities more populated with the world is exactly that there are no sufficient services for all the population, and this causes that every time he is more difficult and complicated to secure good results, for that reason a suitable frame of politeness creation becomes important still more obtaining ne the own large city, organized and agreed with the factual powers and the citizens. For this reason, we see great successes in some of the great cities of the world. They do not have to be cold and remote examples, rather must be generating of dynamic positive in other many cities of the world, that they generate without a doubt, good actions between all of them. It must be a natural element of discussion and detraccin between all the elements and the actors of these cities the power to develop to projects of this magnitude without the greater work or consideration of the most intrinsic and dogmatic principles, but for that reason is not smaller important all the examples than they can arrive to us from the first cities