New Campaign BBC Internet Superpower

BBC World Service, with its director Peter Horrocks presented the new season of servicion BBC internet with a video that sums up the power of the network and its spirit. () The network has a soul but is composed of milion of people and each has ONE. It's been 20 years since the Internet was born and the results are all familiar, a new economy, a new way to communicate and above all access to lalibre information. Internet has been uncable for all people in the world but still the right to have a connection is not respected in many places, the internet is object of censure for their content embarrass the political powers. Internet is not Television. Even if you have a screen, you choose the content they want and where you want, provided by who you want, the Television "impose" content for the sole purpose of having hearing publicidad.En mainly sell internet users may have a reaction, comment, postar forums, open a blog or sitomientras with lTelevision not possible.

Milion Internet channels offer thousands of arguments, the TV offers 10 to 20 main channels with programming in contenidosmuy limited. On the internet everyone has one, everyone can have their space, each one can offer information, products, their wisdom and if the content you offer is buenola network will thank you. The Internet knows no race, color, religion and social class. This is a chance of success and personal satisfaction for todos.Internet essolo not make money, you also gain satisfaction in what tegusta, is to put time unaficcion is aprendery teach.