New 4-channel DVRs

What are digital video recorders? Digital Video Recorder the new generation car is a compact, plug the device with advanced capabilities, which are installed in saloon cars and can carry high-quality video recording of events occurring on the road and inside the car and record all necessary data. What's new in digital video recorders? Firstly, improved quality of recording video and audio. DVRs are a 4-channel video and 2-channel audio and compress a high quality and the quality of the recording, the user can choose independently. Secondly, a variety of ways of record. It can also record to hard disk, standards-compliant notebook drives, CF-card, SD-card and via usb 2.0. dvr is protected from errors filesystem that is compatible with the standard FAT32, and supports remote access via the network cable and the Internet. With this recorder is easy to connect to the computer and video can be viewed by using conventional computer media players. Thirdly, the increased reliability. DVRs are protected by impact-resistant, heat-resistant frame and have a special cushioning system that prevents the impact of shocks and vibrations. In this case, DVRs are still compact and lightweight. Furthermore, to erase the recorded data can only users with special access to the management of the registrar. Fourth, the flexible power management, and the inclusion of the registrar. Built-in timer lets you set time every day or every week, and the motion detector starts recording when it detects movement in a given field of view cameras. With the help of signal inputs and outputs can be configured include the instrument as a reaction to certain things. Fifth, a variety of functions dvr. Modern automotive equipment not only carries video and audio recordings, but also records information such as time, date, vehicle speed, route number, committed turns, braking, doors to open. gprs support and built-in gps receiver provide additional ways to receive and transmit data in real time. And, finally, easy to install and configure. Managing digital recorder by using remote control or directly from the control panel. Menu interface is simple and convenient for the user. Why do I need a digital video recorder? Install a digital video recorder, you get the most detailed information about the state of your car, what is happening on the road and in the cabin, as well as access to a variety of functions required. dvr reliably detects and saves hard facts when "the bases>> Road Traffic accidents, wrongful actions of the traffic police, disorderly conduct and in other cases. Digital Video Recorder – the best witness and the witness, especially that video officially, in accordance with the law accepted as evidence. Produce video inspector, in most cases, this immediately allows to resolve the conflict situation. Otherwise, require the registration of the availability of records in the minutes and consideration by the court. Digital Video Recorder will help you save time, money and their own nerves. All rights reserved by Carax.