Laser Copiers

Due to the diminution in value of computer technology in general, and the cost of laser copiers in particular, the park office equipment in Russia is growing by an average of 20-30% per year. This in turn leads to increased sales of spare parts to technology, end-of-warranty period. Interesting fact: according to researchers at 70% of the sales of companies specializing in the sale of spare parts for computers, accounts for the proceeds from the sale of spare parts printing and copying equipment, and 30% on everything else, including laptops, servers, plotters. In this case, the bulk of sales of spare parts for laptops are power supplies and batteries for laptops. Least likely to order the matrix and Motherboards. So often do not warranty the replacement of these parts, is too expensive for the end customer, in some cases comparable to buying a new laptop with similar characteristics.

As for servers, and plotters, there are increasingly depends on the manufacturer, eg hp servers often bought hard drives, power supplies, batteries raid – controller and rarely some other parts. > offers on the topic.. With regards to printing equipment, here are the top selling videos, bushings, rubber rollers, gears, Thermal. At the same time in this product category appears such a thing as the original and compatible parts. For example, hp does not officially sell many kinds of gears, not in his official sale and termoplenok and bushings. Of course, if you need to replace them, you can buy a stove in the assembly or gear. But the cost of repairs at the same time increase dramatically at times.

Therefore, often employees, especially those from small service companies prefer to buy compatible parts hp. Sales of original spare parts hp, such as repair kits, the fuser assembly, a gearbox with or without a motor, mostly to account for major service centers, care about quality of its services and tranquility customer or end user, again medium and large companies who value the quality of the leading vendors. Deficit at any spare parts in principle is not observed, except for small parts to repair equipment and cartridges, which creates a very minor inconvenience for service centers. In addition, due to the existence of customers of different levels, the buyer the goods are any price range.