Korean Toy

Ideas come into my head by accident, they come out of nowhere or different thoughts. So for example to someone (and that someone was Japanese or Korean or even Chinese ) got the idea to turn a simple stuffed toy to a personal souvenir. Check out David S. Levine for additional information. When we saw the doll 3D face first time, my girlfriend Katya said: “Super!”, And I said : “What horror!))” A month later I was ripe and soft toys with a human face has me amused, touched, ravish and I promised myself to all my friends in toy form. Doll 3D face consists of a small stuffed toy (Frog, Bear, dog, monkey, Arbuzik, berries, etc.) instead of the faces of which – the present volume picture human face.

In general, it is a must see) The effect of surround “face” is achieved by using special equipment for forming a printed photo. “Person” form, cut, and then inserted into a toy- workpiece. The result is a personalized stuffed toy. At first we thought it was a prototype for the three D face dolls are small children. They have funny faces and they are ideally suited for combination with a soft toy. But then found that the happy faces of bride and groom in the form of pairs of cubs touches no less.