Cisco Service Flex Services

The demand for personalized content is a source of revolutionary surgery, which cover all branches of the provision of IP-based services. Telecommunications operators have converted from traditional importers access services experienced operators, creating the concept of Connected Life. An important factor here is the video. Expose your IP-NGN – Cisco, specially designed for dynamically modified operating conditions, the result of which there are was translated into the paradigm of Video 2.0 for a synchronous increase in demand for high-quality converged and integrated services for video, data and voice information. Cisco IP-based networks provide a new generation of flexibility and access to a wide range of features and options unique to the third level while optimizing the efficiency of transport to another level. Architecture Cisco Service Flex can provide unique opportunities to operators who need to cool the deployment of video services, IP-based protocol. They placed the scalability, reliability of service and quality of experience obtained customer content. Moreover, the final directly determines the economic effect of providing any services.

Meet the technology supply quality visual cognition Cisco vqe. Is a multilevel architecture of IP-based networks of the modern generation of Cisco, the technology connects a set of network solutions innovative nature, which raises the quality of video services provided using IP-protocol. Wireline communication, using technology to supply the quality of visual cognition Cisco, is now able to see new parts of a mile, coming off a poor condition and pose difficulties in the transfer of video. This technology provides mechanism for eliminating data translation errors, which shows the packet loss and gives them a retransmission of the chain must in less than 100 milliseconds.