Alarm System, Immobilizer, Mechanical Interlocks

Alarm system, immobilizer, mechanical interlocks most expensive part of modern cars is electronic filling, finding wires and various sensors can be virtually any panel in the cabin and under the hood and over dashboard now the kingdom of electricians! Therefore, gradually fading numerous mechanical interlocks steering, pedals, boxes – they displace electronic ignition interlock, fuel pump, injection unit and the engine management and transmission. If you secretly put these locks under the hood, then the search and removal may take more than one hour, and if you protect access to specific blocker hood – a task complicated by repeatedly stealing cars. Alarms, immobilisers and blockers – what is it? Modern alarms – this is more service devices, rather than full-fledged advocates of stealing, as it was before. Their main function is protecting the machine from outside and a loud alarm the entire neighborhood of intrusion attempts. Most have one or more simple ones locks, service channels to control the lock trunk and windows. More expensive models can manage a hidden code-switch and lock the hood, actually representing themselves from the two devices in one package – the alarm and immobilizer. Increasing distribution is received by signal feedback – appeared at the keyring small screen, which displays whether the machine is shut down what caused the alarm, whether the engine is running, and sometimes fever. Some of these alarms can start the engine on command from the remote control or on a schedule that allows the morning to get into the heated car.