About Driving Lessons And Car Rental

It is important to remember that car – a dangerous and not a simple pleasure, which is better to keep your eyes open. Therefore, a method of trial and error on the road is irrelevant because the price of his accident, or life. Particularly necessary to understand the graduates driving schools, which, after passing examinations in the sai face misunderstanding surrounding the automotive world, because the road is always a cheeky "educator." Inevitably, new to driving decides: "I will go carefully and not to disturb anyone! ", but in spite repeated. Of course, there is a weight counselor – husbands, coworkers, friends, bit by bit revealing the "secrets" of behavior or so-called no capital rules of the road, and this partly helps. Sometimes, for the acquisition of confidence and driving skills again on the advice, beginners ride at night. Everyone is looking his way.

However, this must be deliberate and systematic! Once, sitting in the car to his friend (a couple of months ago he received a law), to the chagrin, I noticed that it acquired the imaginary confidence in driving was the result not of his skills, and learning is not properly memorable driving skills car! Naturally, it is of no safe driving speech could not be. Special piquancy in the ability to drive a car, oddly enough, are the owners of modern cars. It consists in the fact that the stuffed new-fangled "twists", the car is often unclear and sometimes useless expensive toy: not every driving instructor admits his ignorance of the features in the management and familiarity with the management manual, if it is, of course, is not always gives a deep understanding of its management.

Sailing Ships

The use of sailing vessels migrated to us from ancient times. Those who engage in archeology are constantly finding additional dokozatelstva human use of wind power has on our long-time stages of history. At what time was published the first real sailing ship? Nowadays, this question is unlikely someone will undertake to answer. Can only be a rough estimate – people used sailing over navigation several tens of millennia. Researchers do not stop dostovat with depth waters (seas, oceans, rivers, etc.), interesting things that complement the already known knowledge about how was the development of seafaring.

It is likely that in the coming years, knowledge of sailing ships changed completely. In the meantime, we are left to rely only on known information. And what do we know? Most likely, the most ancient written records about sailboat is Noah's ark. In the Bible you can find a complete description of this posuti great creation. Its length of 150 meters, width – 25 m and a height of 15 m. The materials for the construction of Noah's Ark have long and sturdy pine planks.

The exact time of construction is not easy to define, but it was about 4 thousand years bc. On the southern Atlantic coast of Spain once existed is not poor trading harbor called Tartessos. About her tells us his name is Greek geographer Strabo. Strabo thought about what Tartessos at that time numbered a history of seven thousand years. Aspects of these ancient events and and then, as a means of navigation were arranged so remote compared to our era little investigated. Over five hundred years bc mighty Carthage picked up and rubbed the powder this thriving port. It is still a small part of what we know about Tartessos. Principle the, we can assume that the first boat – a plain piece of wood, launched. A prototype of the mast served as a spur to the sails, which kept a man of those times. Thanks to the observation, given the nature and wanting to use the wind, our ancestors first built by the sail from animal skins or boards, which were extracted from the bark of trees. Rivers were natural transportation routes of antiquity, so the idea sail appeared on its own and around the world and used by man long before the invention of the wheel or cart-rope. You can tell by all continents except Europe, were found the first part of the ancient rafts made of tree trunks. These trunks can be equipped mast, sail, awning and sun and paddle, what is intended management. The oldest of the rafts of this kind known to science, is a Brazilian , which is going out of balsa logs. A large number of answers to interesting questions open to the people under the plate time, many high-profile discoveries in the field of ancient sailing navigation awaits humanity. Undoubtedly, the discovery of our predecessors in this area is much higher than open to researchers and facts.