New Campaign BBC Internet Superpower

BBC World Service, with its director Peter Horrocks presented the new season of servicion BBC internet with a video that sums up the power of the network and its spirit. () The network has a soul but is composed of milion of people and each has ONE. It's been 20 years since the Internet was born and the results are all familiar, a new economy, a new way to communicate and above all access to lalibre information. Internet has been uncable for all people in the world but still the right to have a connection is not respected in many places, the internet is object of censure for their content embarrass the political powers. Internet is not Television. Even if you have a screen, you choose the content they want and where you want, provided by who you want, the Television "impose" content for the sole purpose of having hearing publicidad.En mainly sell internet users may have a reaction, comment, postar forums, open a blog or sitomientras with lTelevision not possible.

Milion Internet channels offer thousands of arguments, the TV offers 10 to 20 main channels with programming in contenidosmuy limited. On the internet everyone has one, everyone can have their space, each one can offer information, products, their wisdom and if the content you offer is buenola network will thank you. The Internet knows no race, color, religion and social class. This is a chance of success and personal satisfaction for todos.Internet essolo not make money, you also gain satisfaction in what tegusta, is to put time unaficcion is aprendery teach.

Best Exhibition In Madrid In May

Which are presented for next May are varied and can choose from a selection of unpublished works of the photographer Ragel at the Museum of the City until the motorcycle exposition, and triumphs at the Museum of Angel Nieto for sports fans. Ragel file, as the exhibition is called, is a tribute to one of the foremost photojournalists of the Spanish scene of the first half of the twentieth century: Carlos Gonzalez Ragel. However, the Angel Museum displays Nieto is composed mainly of trophies, helmets, gloves and motorcycle surrounding the 12 +1 times World Champion. Other exhibitions to be considered for the month of May are the Prado Museum because it has Spanish works and other high-profile European universal, ranging from 913 to the twentieth century or the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum showing a tour of the art world that takes us from the thirteenth century to the twentieth century Pop Art. For more exhibition spaces exist on the Internet as offering an agenda, Madrid, Seville and Valencia a brief description and their duration.

In addition to these exhibitions, one of the cities mentioned above enjoy authentic monuments in the streets as characteristic as the Puerta de Alcala in Madrid, Las Ramblas in Barcelona, La Giralda in Seville and the architecture of the Palace of Arts and Sciences Valencia. Today, there are many alternative plans in large or small towns to enjoy the architectural and cultural richness of Spanish cities. For those who have limited time available on the Internet where you can buy tickets in advance to save time and visit more. There follestor guides and information for tourists to make trips through the most popular programs, relevant or represenativos of the city.


We forget that the DNA allows people to act with greater security and freedom and who knows and understands where he wants to get the organization and not have to prove every time that what is within the focus of the organization. DNA and helps create an identity for each component of the organization to understand and feel part it. Given this background, the question arises: Where will the future of the organizational DNA? He pointed, and Ignacio Diaz Ignacio Pulido (IESA, 2006) that DNA is presented as one of the most innovative ideas of the moment. It is said that this model is the distillate of years of experience and research about how organizations play now manageable enough to be used for almost any organization. It adds that the study of organizational DNA has advanced to the point where, by answering some basic questions, you can determine the DNA of a company. It is said that it is also possible to make large organizational transformation projects from the four DNA bases: structure, decision rights, motivation and information. These authors commented Diaz and Polished in the future DNA testing could be very useful for organizations to human beings. An analysis of the genetic material of an organization can isolate the causes of weaknesses, identify possible solutions and even resolve problems before they become obvious.

The biggest advantage of organizational DNA on DNA is that organizations biological they can adjust and adapt its four bases to get the results they want .. Consider indicate Diaz and Pulido, to transform an organization is not an easy task, since change requires changing the structure and decision rights, effectively making new decisions, employees often require new incentives and information other than that they manage. Change the DNA of a company means changing the organization at all levels, to enable it to adapt and corrected, becoming stronger with time. Of course, this does not happen quickly, it can take several years to develop basic skills, and always need feedback. Definitely, the DNA will allow the management to ensure what corrections should be made to enable them to organize their plans, objectives, those details to facilitate your operations, organize efficiently and getting the results that favor their growth.

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Promote your RSS presentation page (telling your visitors that’s where you can subscribe to your feeds) on the highlights of your site. B If you are publishing more than one RSS feed, but a couple of songs focused food, promote each of them with their issues. For example, if you publish an RSS feed E-mail marketing, promotion of the RSS feed at the top of the home page theme, and each article E-mail Marketing to publish. These links should really be direct links to the feeds subscriptions. Use this service to cover all important readers using only a simple button: C Promote your RSS feeds in all e-mail messages and e-zine issues. D As for content, not just say “Sign up to receive news from my site, but rather prepare compelling copy specifically to show visitors why they should subscribe to their content in the first place and why they should specifically subscribe to their RSS feeds. 3.

Enable Auto-DISCOVERY Some Internet browsers such as Firefox, make it easy for users to subscribe to their RSS feeds. The browser actually asks the user to subscribe to feeds of the browser is on the site the user is currently. Yes, this is even more powerful than its form e-mail subscription because your browser to “push” the user with their subscription RSS feed. But for the browser to do this, you need to help you find your RSS feed. Simply include the following HTML snippet into the section of its website and will be all set: There are many more techniques and opportunities available to you, from “direct subscribe” links to actually using opt-in forms, but these seven steps should go in the shortest time possible, and help you better visitor conversion rate of RSS subscribers that the vast majority of sites are achieving today. Copyright 2005 Rok Rok Hrastnik Hrastnik urienda is the author of the marketing and release power RSSe publication, hailed as the best and most complete guide to marketing with RSS by top leaders of the RSS industry, experts, developers and marketers superior. Discover everything you need to know about RSS and how to use it to get your content delivered, win back customers, make more sales and increase search engine rankings.